Solicitors Are Selling Rooftop Solar Door-to-Door In Our Area

As your trusted energy partner, UEC can offer an assessment of your specific situation. Please contact us directly for more information on UEC’s cash incentives and interconnection requirements. We can help you make an informed decision.

  • If an individual or company claiming to represent UEC approaches you, contact us to verify their claims.
  • To break even on your solar investment, our comparatively low energy rate pushes the payback years into the future. UEC’s residential energy charge has increased less than 1% on average in the past 20 years.
  • Solar is not “off the grid” - you will still receive a monthly connection (basic) charge and will still be utilizing UEC’s power grid when your panels are not producing electricity - such as after dark or in cloudy conditions.
  • During outages, solar panels will not supply your home with power. For the safety of our line crews, interconnection agreements mandate that all energy generation on the line be shut down.

For details about UEC's Renewable Energy Program and Solar Installation Cash Incentives Visit Our Energy Efficiency Page.

Door-to-door sales are perfectly legal, but it’s important to be aware of your rights.

The Oregon Department of Justice warns citizens to be watchful for aggressive tactics. It can be easier to say “no” at the doorstep than inside your house. If a salesperson refuses to leave or continues pressuring you to make a purchase, call the police. It’s a salesperson’s job to sell you merchandise – whether you need it or not. If you don’t want to buy a product, you don’t have to. Don’t be fooled by limited-time offers. Don’t feel pressured into signing up for a time-sensitive offer.

Most notably with door-to-door purchases, you have three business days after the sale to cancel for a full refund if you spent $25 or more. This rule applies to any sale made in person at your home or workplace, or at a seller’s rented facility, such as a hotel room, convention center, fairground, restaurant, etc. – with limited exceptions.