Save Energy and Money With These Programs

UEC offers a variety of program options that can help you save energy and money, both in your home and in your business.

For Your Home – Umatilla Electric offers a wide variety of Energy Efficiency and Conservation programs that can help our residential members save energy and money. The Residential sector includes electrical energy used in a residential setting, including manufactured homes.

For Your Business – Umatilla Electric offers Energy Efficiency and Conservation programs to assist our members in achieving cost-effective energy savings. UEC’s program offers incentives for verified energy savings for our customers looking to make efficiency improvements or upgrades to their facilities or farm. There are a wide variety of program options for commercial, irrigation and industrial customers of all sizes and budget levels; retro-fit and new construction. By participating, businesses in the commercial sector can save money, energy, and increase their bottom line.

Solar and Small-Scale Renewable Energy Program – UEC Solar and Small-Scale Renewable Energy Program will pay $500 per rated KW of the system up to $5,000 cap. System must be installed, operated and maintained in compliance with the IEEE and all other applicable standards. System must be installed under UEC program guidelines (Net Metering Rules). UEC interconnection & net metering application and agreement are required.