Winter Cold May Lead to Higher Energy Bills

March 14, 2019

If your current energy bill looks higher than usual, the likely cause may be the record cold in February and March.

winter day with snow

Snowfall in Pendleton reached 32.5 inches with 22 days of snowfall during February, almost twice the previous record. Hermiston recorded 17.6 inches with 19 days of snowfall, the East Oregonian reported.

Hermiston’s temperature averaged 27.8 for the month, 10 degrees below normal, with freezing weather reported on 26 of 28 days in February. On March 5, the overnight low hit zero degrees, nearly 30 degrees below normal. Pendleton’s temperatures were similar.

On March 1, Bonneville Power, the Northwest’s provider of wholesale electric power, asked consumers to voluntarily reduce energy use to relieve stress on the power system because of unseasonably cold weather.

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