Wilson Road Improvement Project

Location: Boardman, OR


In an effort to increase capacity and improve system reliability in the designated location, Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC) will be conducting a system improvement project along Wilson Road in Boardman, Oregon. More capacity increases reliability by allowing UEC more options to restore power if there were ever downed power lines, or any other issues that arise on our system. This improvement project was planned and scheduled with the power supply needs of our members in mind. We have seen growth in the Boardman area, and this project allows us to stay ahead of that growth and continue to offer affordable, reliable and resilient service to our membership.

Anticipated Project Schedule

Start Date: March 7, 2022

Completion Date: June 1, 2022

Improvements Address Capacity Demand For Thriving Community

Morrow County’s energy needs are growing. As the Boardman community grows and requests for new connections to our electric grid increase, our ability to provide service must grow with them. Due to member load growth in and around the Wilson area, UEC has identified the need to install new capacity to better serve the region.

UEC’s Commitment to Our Membership

UEC works hard to minimize the impacts of electric infrastructure and system improvements, and we’re committed to keeping the affected community informed as the project progresses through permitting and into construction.

Contact UEC’s Manager of Engineering to learn more about this project. If you would like to schedule a briefing for your neighborhood or organization, please reach out to us.

Cole Bode, Manager of Engineering

Phone: (541) 567-6414

Impact Carefully Considered When Choosing Project Route

As with any new project, careful consideration is taken to minimize any impact our members, partners and the community may face before, during and after construction. UEC’s planning process factors in community impact and overall value to the membership when determining the recommended routes for new facilities. For the Wilson Road project, UEC is minimizing the footprint of our new facilities by “stacking” the new capacity power lines above the existing power lines.

After evaluating several options, UEC chose a new set of power lines along with the replacement of existing aging poles. meeting all the necessary criteria: meeting member’s growing loads, providing member value, and minimizing the impact to the local area.



map of Boardman Oregon city limits