UCARE Assistance

While our purpose is to provide safe and reliable energy to you, the members we serve, we have a greater mission – to be a catalyst for good.

The UCARE program is supported by member contributions, which are matched by UEC. Funds are available for the heating season of October – March and the cooling season of June – August.

In normal times, the UEC UCARE and HES HEAT (Hermiston Energy Assistance Team) grant programs are intended to help low-income residents manage their heating and cooling costs. Those funds are used to supplement assistance programs already provided from federal sources through CAPECO. In times of community crisis, UCARE and HEAT funds are further made available to any residential customer in need of assistance to pay electric bills due to a personal, family, medical, or employment crisis or emergency.

UCARE Energy Assistance Application

Give the Gift of Warmth this Holiday Season

While many local community-focused programs such as Farmers Ending Hunger, Agape House Charities and local food banks ramp up this time of year, we have several programs and services in place to help our members year-round.

We’re giving our members the opportunity to donate all or a portion of your upcoming December 2021 Capital Credits refund to UEC’s UCARE program to help keep power flowing through our communities.

For local residents who are struggling to keep the power on, UCARE provides aid to members in need, lessening their financial stress during this uncertain time and holiday season. UCARE is supported by member contributions, which are matched by UEC. If you would like to join us in helping the most vulnerable members of our community pay their energy bills, mail us the donation form below:

Donate Capital Credits