Solar Array Surpasses One Million Kilowatt Hours

August 23, 2016

Nearly 1.3 million kilowatt hours have been produced by the Moyer-Tolles Solar Array since February 2016.  Energy produced to-date is equivalent to 104,184 gallons of gas or powering 7,341, 60-watt light bulbs for a year of 8 hours per day usage.

The member-owned solar array is located on state Highway 730 near the eastern edge of the city of Umatilla, on 6.5 acres of land. The system consists of 3,952 panels generating up to 320 watts DC, which if laid end-to-end would stretch nearly five miles.

UEC offers a live data portal to view current production from the Moyer-Tolles Solar Array and to learn more about solar energy production. Follow the link below to see a live feed: