Industrial Program

Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC) offers the Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program to assist its industrial customers in achieving cost-effective energy savings. The ESI program is a primary mechanism for UEC customers to achieve industrial energy savings targets agreed to in the Sixth Power Plan, which is nearly double the energy savings that were achieved in the previous two years. In addition to UEC program offerings, the ESI program encompasses all industrial sector programs offered by BPA.

For specific details or program offerings, including the Energy Smart Industrial, call (541) 567-6414 or email. The incentive level for new and retrofit projects is currently $0.15/kWh up to 50% of incremental project cost for qualifying measures. This rate may be subject to change depending on the available budget.

  • The ESI program is designed to provide regional consistency for utilities and end-users in delivering cost-effective energy efficiency savings in the industrial sector.
  • UEC will utilize BPA industrial sector staff to assist with overall ESI program management.
  • There are dedicated ESI Program staff and engineers to manage industrial project technical reviews and approvals.
  • Working with UEC and its Energy Efficiency Representatives, BPA program partner Cascade Energy and its subcontractors, offer a variety of industrial services. These services include project development, Technical Service Proposal (TSP) consultant contracting, and implementation of industrial sector energy efficiency.

The ESI program works with industrial facility customers through UEC to deliver cost-effective energy efficiency in all industrial sectors. There are a wide variety of program options for industrial users of all sizes and budget levels. By participating, businesses in the industrial sector can save money and energy and may increase productivity and profitability.

UEC and the ESI program staff include experts specific to several industries, including pulp and paper, wood products, food processing, high tech, water/wastewater, mining, and many more. These professionals provide technical expertise and resources to assure projects meet quality assurance standards and are completed as planned. Not only that, ESI program staff work with industrial customers to develop a customized solution that protects their privacy and minimizes the impact to production process while delivering the highest return on investment possible.

The majority of projects in the industrial sector are more complex and require additional steps to determine energy savings and eligibility. These Custom Projects may require engineering review and energy consumption monitoring for verification of savings. UEC will review any proposed energy efficiency project for verifiable energy savings potential, and will work with the owners to evaluate and verify energy savings. Pre-approval for custom projects is required prior to ordering or purchasing qualifying equipment or service. The following is a list of measures that are eligible for incentives: