Irrigation / Agriculture Program

The Irrigation / Agricultural Program includes electrical energy used (1) by a farm or business of which the primary purpose is applying water for food production or vegetation growth (e.g., pumping and irrigation) and (2) by a ranch or business where the primary business is breeding or raising of domestic livestock, poultry, etc.

Umatilla Electric offers Energy Efficiency and Conservation programs to assist our members in achieving cost-effective energy savings. UEC’s program offers incentives for verifiable energy savings to customers looking to make efficiency improvements or irrigation system upgrades. There are a wide variety of program options for irrigation customers of all sizes. By participating, you can save money, energy, and increase the bottom line. Eligible irrigation program measures include (but are not limited to the following):

UEC Irrigation / Agriculture Program Goals

  • Provide members with information to support systems and operations that helps conserve electrical energy and lower overhead costs.
  • Provide financial incentives to assist members with upgrades or improvements to their systems that can be demonstrated to improve energy efficiency.

Some projects are more complex and require additional steps to determine energy savings and eligibility. These Custom Projects may require engineering review and energy consumption monitoring for verification of savings. UEC will review any proposed energy efficiency project for verifiable energy savings potential, and will work with the owners to evaluate and verify energy savings. Pre-approval for custom projects is required prior to ordering or purchasing qualifying equipment or service. The following is a list of measures that are eligible for incentives:

  • Irrigation Water / Pressure Management
    • Scientific Irrigation Scheduling
    • Nozzle, Regulator & Gasket Replacement
    • Mainline Replacement
    • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Pressure Management
  • Wire to Water Efficiency
    • Pump Testing, Rebuilds & Replacement – improve pump efficiency
    • Pump Station Redesign – match pumps to system requirements
  • Irrigation System Automation
    • Computer Controlled Stations
    • SCADA Controlled Stations
    • Real-Time Efficiently Monitoring

Rebates are calculated on a per kWh basis of the verified energy savings of the installed measures. UEC projects are capped at 50 percent of the project cost for qualifying measures.

For more information on Irrigation / Agriculture program offering, contact Travis Wood at 541-564-4357 or by e-mail at