Energy Saver Loan Program

Upgrade Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with a Low Interest Loan

UEC’s new loan program offers low interest and flexible repayment options. The program is designed for upgrades such as: heat pumps, windows, insulation, duct sealing and other residential energy efficiency installations which could have a significant impact on lowering your electric usage.

Energy Saver Loans will be offered at 1.99% interest and feature “on-bill financing,” in which the loan repayment will be included as a line item on your monthly energy bill.

To fund the new loan program, UEC received a $1.5 million, zero-interest loan from USDA Rural Development through its Rural Energy Savings Program.

For further details and application requirements, please call UEC’s Hermiston Office or email

For more information on: Heat Pumps

For more information on: Weatherization (duct sealing, insulation, windows, etc.)