Street Light Out

PoleNumberUmatilla Electric’s Operations Department is responsible for ensuring that inoperable street lights are repaired as quickly as possible. Residents are encouraged to report outages in the UEC and Hermiston Energy Services territories. The process is simple. Identify the light, either by the number on the light pole or by the closest crossing streets.

With several thousand street lights to maintain, we appreciate your help in finding lights that are malfunctioning or in need of repair. Use the form below to report a street light outage. We ask that you provide basic contact information about yourself in case we have questions and need to follow up with you. Most street light outages can be repaired within a few days. However, damage to underground facilities may require additional time to repair.

If you would prefer to report a street light outage by phone, call (541) 567-6414. Don’t be left out in the dark!

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