UEC Safety Demonstrations

Safety Presentations

2nd Grade:

Louie the Lightning Bug
This presentation introduces students to how electricity is produced and used, identifies power lines, electrical transformers, and substations. It also outlines electrical safety rules using a series of posters and a video.

5th Grade:

The Shocking Truth About Electricity
An electrical safety awareness presentation focusing on safe behavior around outdoor electrical equipment and developing behaviors necessary to avoid electrical accidents.

Presentation length: 45-60 minutes.

Agriculture Classes / Farm Workers / General Public / Business

15,000 Volt Demonstration Board

The high-voltage demonstration board is designed to illustrate the properties of electricity. The demonstration will prove the theory electricity always seeks the quickest path to the earth. It teaches how to avoid an electrical accident, and educates people on the hazards of electrical contact.

Length of presentation: 50-60 minutes

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