Recent Boardman Area Outages

November 07, 2017

Foreign objects, such as trees, animals, or windblown garbage, cause an interruption of service when contact is made with electric power lines. To maintain reliable service and clear temporary line contacts, protective devices are strategically placed throughout a power line circuit to temporarily interrupt and restore service.

When maintenance or construction crews are working on (or near) energized circuits, that temporary interruption and restoration cycle is disabled to ensure the safety of our line crews. In these situations, UEC crews inspect or patrol the power lines for any visually present causes of interruption before re-energizing the line. This additional precaution is in place to protect the well-being and safety of the public in the event of car accident and/or wires down situation.

The situation described above has been the case on a UEC power line circuit in the Boardman area, on separate occasions, in support of Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) construction activity near UEC facilities.

While the cause of the interruptions are unrelated to construction activity, UEC takes precautions to protect both workers and the public. We expect that the BPA work near our energized electrical facilities will be complete by Friday, November 10th and all power lines in the Boardman area will be put back to “normal” operation.