Water Heater Rebate Program

The second highest use of energy in your home is your hot water heater. For the efficient use of energy and your dollar, install a new energy efficient water heater and be eligible to receive a $50 credit on your power bill.EnergyGuide

In order to qualify for the UEC rebate the unit that you purchase must have an energy efficiency rating factor of 0.93 for a 59 gallons or less and a 0.91for a 60 gallons or more.

To receive the $50 rebate, click here to download the Water Heater Rebate Coupon. Complete the coupon and bring or mail it to UEC with the following information:

  • Copy of the original receipt for water heater purchase.Water_Heater
  •  Original verification of brand name and model number (“Energy Guide” sticker off the outside of the box), and
  • Original warranty information.


Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit – Water Heaters

Energy Star

Oregon Office of Energy