What to Do In Case of Power Outage

Report an Outage


Call Umatilla Electric Cooperative at (888) 465-5701 any time day or night to report an outage. Emergency calls will be forwarded to a UEC outage duty representative, who will ask questions about your location and situation and then dispatch a line crew to fix the problem. It is helpful to keep “grid plate” numbers handy so you can quickly provide that information if needed. Each pole has a grid plate with numbers and letters describing its exact location. The grid plate numbers help line crews to quickly find the precise location of the problem. Meter number, account number, account name, and address are also helpful.

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Outage Map

For current information, check UEC’s Outage Map.

What To Do When The Power Goes Out

There are things you can do before an outage occurs to make it easier for you and your family to get through the outage. Be prepared for outages all year, and especially during the summer months when wind and lightning storms are more likely to occur.

How can I stay safe during a power outage?

  • Never use open combustion units (gas or charcoal barbecues, hibachis) inside the home.
  • If traffic lights go out, treat all intersections as 4-way stops. It’s required by law for safety.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and sagging trees with broken limbs.

What’s the first thing I should do when the lights go out?

Turn off lights and electrical appliances except for the refrigerator and freezer. Even if it is dark, turn light switches, buttons on lamps or appliances to the “off” position.

  • After you turn the lights off, turn one lamp on so you will know when power is restored. Wait at least 15 minutes after power is restored before turning on other appliances.

What should I do if a power line falls down?

  • Don’t touch or get near any fallen lines.
  • Stay away from objects or puddles in contact with downed power lines.
  • Notify the utility company.

Download our Power Outage Checklist (PDF).