Updated Meters Being Installed, Beginning in Boardman

New automated meters to help improve electric distribution will be deployed by UEC over the coming months in the Boardman area.

In an initial phase beginning in March, Allegiant Utility Services technicians will replace existing automated meters at about 1,000 residences and other service locations south of the freeway at Boardman.
     During meter installations, disruption to members should be minimal.
     On the day of the replacement, members can expect to briefly lose power as a technician makes the switch. In addition, your next electric utility bill may show two meter readings: one from the old meter and one from the new meter.
     The new automated meters will help UEC’s ongoing efforts to improve service reliability.
     In recent years, UEC has upgraded its control and data systems, outage management and field equipment to help operators at its command center in Hermiston more quickly detect and respond to outages with accurate location prediction, reducing the need to send a crew to manually check miles of power lines. The new meters build upon that system.
     Initially, meter replacements were scheduled to begin in UEC service areas east of Pendleton, but winter conditions have postponed deployment at those service locations.
For more information about our meter replacement project, please call UEC at (541) 567-6414 or visit Your UEC Meter.