Understanding Your Capital Credit Allocation Letter

Umatilla Electric Cooperative is operated on a not-for-profit basis. Electric cooperatives, unlike investor-owned utilities, are owned by the members they serve. When you pay your electric bill, you are accumulating equity in your cooperative.

UEC members will soon receive a statement in the mail detailing the previous year’s (2022) Capital Credit allocations and their Total Unretired Capital Credits To-Date. As a cooperative, UEC is owned by the members we serve. The Capital Credits Allocation Statement is a statement of your ownership within the cooperative. The amount reported on your statement is held in a capital credit account specific to each member until such time the credits are retired. The statement is not a bill.

In March of 2023 UEC’s Board of Directors retired, or paid back to the member, capital credits totaling $6 million. In the history of UEC, over $110 Million in capital credits have been returned to the membership. For more details about Capital Credits, visit our Capital Credits page.

Example Capital Credit Allocation Letter below: