UEC System Prepared For Weather-related Demand

As summer hits and people crank up the air conditioning UEC closely watches weather conditions and system loads. While extreme weather does put additional demand on the power supply, UEC has made it a priority to maintain its infrastructure to reliably provide power in all kinds of conditions.

Thanks to careful planning and investment every year, power supply is sufficient to meet the expected spike in demand from air conditioning and irrigation during this extreme heat wave. Our staff is closely monitoring UEC's system and should that change we will notify members via our website, Facebook and the media.

We always encourage our members to save energy and therefore cut their power-related costs, no matter the weather or season. Visit our Energy Efficiency pages for easy tips to reduce your energy consumption as well as rebate and loan programs for members looking to upgrade their home.

In a typical year, UEC provides more than $1 million in rebates and $300,000 in low-interest loans for energy efficiency upgrades in members’ homes and businesses. Those investments help our members homes be more energy efficient and reduce the demand on UEC’s system.