UEC Powering Student Achievement

The UEC service territory houses 11 elementary schools, all gearing up for another great school year! Not all students are ready to go with a backpack full of new supplies, though, and UEC is stepping in to help.

UEC recognizes that the cost of school supplies can be a barrier for students to have the items they need to be successful in a classroom. Sometimes, the supplies needed aren’t the typical list of supplies at all. Many students are dealing with challenges behind the scenes that keep them from bringing their best to school: missing shoes, clothing, or blankets at home to get restful sleep. Rather than donate supplies like pencils, crayons, and erasers, UEC provides over $400 in gift cards to each elementary school in their service territory to be used to purchase items necessary for student success - whatever those may be.

Amy Callan, Public Relations Representative, organizes the program each year. In mid-August, she pays a visit to each of the schools to deliver the gift cards and wish the schools well.

“Students deserve the opportunity to have the materials needed to reach their potential. UEC is passionate about youth education, and we are proud to continue this program after many years,” says Lisa McMeen, Vice President of Administration.

School supply donations have been an enduring program at UEC, with no staff remembering the inception of the tradition. Originally, supplies were purchased and dropped off at the schools, but after some feedback from area administrators, funding allows more flexibility to adapt to student needs. UEC wishes all educators and students in the region a wonderful school year!