The Value of Membership

Save Money, Increase Your Home’s Comfort With Rebates and Incentives

As a membership perk UEC offers a free Energy Efficiency Assessment for your home, business, industry or farm.


• Rebates for HVAC, windows, insulation, appliances and other measures

• Up to a $1,400 rebate available for members installing an air source heat pump


• Rebates for HVAC, lighting and other measures inside and outside your facilities


• Technical expertise for cost-effective custom projects

• Rebates for energy saved


• Rebates for pumps, VFDs, sprinklers and other irrigation hardware

Take Advantage of Our Low-Interest, On-Bill Financing

UEC’s residential Energy Saver Loan Program offers a 1.99% interest rate and flexible repayment options. Designed for upgrades such as heat pumps, windows, insulation, duct sealing and other energy saving installations, the program can have a significant impact on lowering electric usage.


  • Good UEC bill payment history
  • On-bill financing – repayment is a line item on your bill
  • Any installer can participate
  • Qualifying measures are Energy Star appliances and measures are on the U.S. Department of Energy list

Contact us at (541) 567-6414 or visit our Energy Saver Loan page.