Energy Saver Loans Top $1 million

In the final week of December 2021, UEC’s Energy Saver Loan Program exceeded $500,000 for the year and $1 million since it started in January 2019.

More than 100 members have received loans at 1.99 percent for upgrades such as heat pumps, windows, insulation, duct sealing and other residential energy efficiency installations that can have a sizeable impact on lowering electric usage.

The loans are repaid as a line item on your energy bill, with energy savings helping offset part of the cost. Members can opt for a repayment schedule of up to 10 years and finance the entire amount of the improvement.

Energy Saver Loan Facts

  • 1.99% interest
  • Repay using “on-bill financing,” in which the loan repayment will be included as a line item on your monthly energy bill
  • To qualify, we ask for good standing payment history at UEC
  • Applications will not be considered complete without a legal property description
  • Payment will be made directly to the contractor. All contractors must be licensed, bonded and insured
  • Your upgrade may also qualify for a rebate – call us before beginning your project!

For more details and application requirements, please contact loan coordinator Amy Callan at (541) 567-6414 or by email at More information and an online application form is available at