Complete 2020 Rate Schedules Published

Over the last year, Umatilla Electric has worked toward the goal of creating a rate structure we feel is easier for our members to understand. View the Rate Schedule.

Our simplified new rates began on Jan. 1, 2020. The changes will be reflected in your February bills. Overall, the new rates will add 2% to UEC revenue next year to cover costs of providing high-quality and reliable service at the best value. The new rates represent our first overall revenue increase in four years.

Because such rates no longer reflect today’s wholesale power markets, they have been eliminated in our new rate schedule. Further, to promote simplicity, rate schedules have been combined within the commercial, industrial, irrigation, and outdoor lighting customer classes.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, we remain focused on keeping operating costs low. A study helped determine UEC’s needs to recover costs of providing service, including our largest expense, acquiring wholesale power. Our study outlined costs needed to serve each customer class. The study sought to balance cost recovery among customer classes, with a goal of minimizing one class subsidizing the others.

We realize any rate change can affect your family’s budget. Our customer service and energy efficiency specialists are here to help. Call (541) 567-6414 or visit our Hermiston and Boardman offices if you wish to receive an analysis of your bill and suggestions on how to save energy.

Ways to Manage your Energy Usage, Payment Options, and Budget

  • Monitor your usage in SmartHub — The first step to reducing your energy use is finding out how and when you’re using energy.
  • Sign up for PowerUp Prepay —Pay in advance for electricity you will use, and choose when and how you make your payments.
  • Consider budget billing —Budget your power bill by paying the same monthly amount through the year, based on average usage. By equalizing payments, you avoid peaks in summer and winter.
  • Make payment arrangements — A Payment Extension offers extra time to pay your current electric bill, in times of financial difficulties.
  • Request heating assistance — UEC provides financial assistance to members who need help in paying heating bills. UCARE is supported by member contributions that are matched by UEC.

Save Energy with Rebates and Loans

As a membership perk, UEC offers a free Energy Efficiency Assessment for your home, business, industry, or farm.


  • Rebates for HVAC, windows, insulation, appliances, and other measures
  • 1.99% “Energy Saver Loans” on-bill financing
  • Low- and no-cost energy tips on our website


  • Rebates for HVAC, lighting and other measures inside and outside your facilities


  • Technical expertise for cost-effective custom projects
  • Rebates for energy saved


  • Rebates for pumps, VFDs, sprinklers, and other irrigation hardware