Aug. 24 is National Hydropower Day

For over 135 years, hydropower has powered this nation with clean, renewable energy.

As a way to collectively recognize hydropower’s undeniable contributions to bolstering clean energy infrastructure the National Hydropower Association (NHA) has established August 24 as National Hydropower Day.

In 2019, hydropower represented nearly 6.6 % of total U.S. electricity generation and 38% of renewable electricity generation. The U.S. hydropower fleet is comprised of approximately 2,200 power plants with a total capacity of roughly 80 GW, which includes 91% of U.S. storage capacity (23 GW) of pumped storage. Hydropower is also a major job creator, employing approximately 66,500 workers in the U.S.

Given that hydropower pairs perfectly with other renewables, such as wind and solar, states throughout the U.S. are recognizing that hydropower is needed to help them meet their clean energy targets. Hydropower enables greater integration of variable renewables into the grid by utilizing excess generation, and being ready to produce power during low wind and solar generation periods. Hydropower also has the ability to quickly ramp up electricity generation in response to periods of peak demand.

We encourage everyone to celebrate America’s first renewable energy resource.

Watch this video from NHA on the benefits of clean, carbon-free, hydropower.