Attention Young Artists! Enter UEC’s Coloring Contest

Posted: June 16, 2020, 12:00 am

Attention Young Artists!

You are invited to enter Umatilla Electric’s Safety Poster Contest.

The contest is open to students in first through fifth grades, with division for each of grades 1-5.

Entry deadline is July 15.


  • The contest is open to students who live in Umatilla or Morrow counties.
  • Posters should be at least 8.5×11 inches, larger will be fine.
  • Artwork must be the student’s original.
  • Entries may be used for illustration, advertising, or social media content.

The Prizes

Top posters in each division and category will receive a $50 gift card. The categories are:

  • Best Poster
  • Most Creative

Names of all contestants will be entered in a prize drawing for gifts that you won’t want to miss.

How to Enter

There are two ways to enter:

  • Mail your poster to Electrical Safety Poster Contest, Umatilla Electric Cooperative, P.O. Box 1148, Hermiston OR 97838
  • Take a clear photo or scan of your poster and email it.

Include the following on the back of your entry or in your email:

  • Child’s name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Child’s school
  • Parent/guardian’s name

Poster Themes

Pick any of the following home or farm Electrical Safety Themes (or pick your own!)

  • Stay away from downed power lines!
  • Water and electricity don’t mix! (pool, bathtub, sinks)
  • Don’t play outside during a lightning storm!
  • Keep fingers away from electrical outlets! (avoid the No Poke Zone)
  • Never stick anything in an appliance that doesn’t belong! (knife in the toaster is a bad idea)
  • Stay away from substations, transmission towers, transformers, utility poles, and solar panels! (pick one)
  • Don’t touch the green box! (the green metal boxes you see in yards around town that access underground power lines)
  • Watch for power lines when playing or working outside! (Look up and live, Don’t fly kites near power lines, Don’t climb trees near power lines)
  • Frayed power cords are dangerous!