New Manufactured Home Program

Due to the increasing demand for energy efficient housing, the state energy offices and the manufactured home industry created the Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured Housing Program (NEEM). The NEEM program is a voluntary program funded by the manufactured housing industry and overseen by the State Energy Offices of Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Montana. The NEEM and Energy Star® labels mean that manufactured homes that are constructed in their respective states have been inspected and certified by the state energy offices.

Specifications for these homes include the following:

  • Higher levels of insulation in the ceiling, walls and floors;
  • More efficient windows and doors;
  • A specially designed – and quiet – ventilation system;
  • Higher specifications for heating system ducts;
  • Reduced drafts or air leakage.

Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC) offers $1,000 cash incentive to home buyers who purchase a NEEM certified manufactured homes.

UEC Rebate Application Form (PDF)

Eligibility: This UEC rebate program is available to UEC Members who purchase a new NEEM certified Energy Star manufactured homes with an electric heating system. The home must be sited within Umatilla Electric Cooperative service territory.


  • Purchase a certified NEEM Energy Star Manufactured home.
  • Submit the completed UEC Rebate Application form along with the Energy Star Certificate of Compliance and purchase/sales receipt. The Energy Star Certificate of Compliance is typically enclosed with the paperwork received at the time of purchase. If you do not have compliance certificate, please contact your dealer to request a copy.
  • Once the certification for the home has been verified, a rebate check will be issued to the UEC member/owner listed on the UEC application form.

Additional UEC Rebates Opportunities:

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump – must be installed by participating UEC Heat Pump program installer (Pre-approval required).
  • Energy Star Clothes Washer/Dryer – electric water heater required. Must meet program requirements to qualify.
  • Water heater rebates are included in the NEEM Manufactured Home rebate.

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