Start or Stop Service

Start Service

To sign up for new service please visit the UEC office nearest you. Simply complete the membership application below and sign it. With the payment of a $5 membership fee, you become a cooperative member.

New Member Form/Service Transfer

New Account Deposit

For residential accounts, a $250 deposit is required for new service. However, the deposit can be waived if you provide a letter of credit from a previous utility, showing a good payment record for the past 12 months. UEC customer service representatives will be happy to work with you on this procedure. You may wish to have a person who has established a good credit rating with the cooperative to co-sign for you when you establish new service. It is helpful to provide any kind of additional information, such as your apartment number or electric meter number, that will help locate and verify your address during the sign-up process. If you rent, we will need to know the property owner or landlord’s name.

Stop Service

Contact a Customer Service Representative anytime during normal business hours to discontinue service.