Updated Meter Installation Project

Location: Boardman, OR


The Updated Meter Installation project will replace existing automated meters at about 1,000 residences and other service locations south of the freeway at Boardman. During meter installations, disruption to members should be minimal. On the day of the replacement, members can expect to briefly lose power as a technician makes the switch. The new automated meters will help UEC’s ongoing efforts to improve service reliability. In recent years, UEC has upgraded its control and data systems, outage management and field equipment to help operators at its command center in Hermiston more quickly detect and respond to outages with accurate location prediction, reducing the need to send a crew to manually check miles for power lines. The new meters build upon that system.

Anticipated Construction Schedule

Start Date: March 2022

Completion Date: June 2022

A Partnership Within A Thriving Community

Morrow County is developing, and their reliability needs are growing. As population in and around the Boardman area begins to increase, so too does the need for safe, efficient and reliable power. UEC is committed to keeping up with the growth and will strive to continue to offer system improvements that will increase service to our members.

UEC’s Commitment to Our Membership

We are committed to our communities and the members who reside in them. UEC is working hard to minimize impact while we identify necessary system improvements. We are committed to keeping the affected community informed as the project progresses.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a briefing for your neighborhood or organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Bill Saporito, Business Development Manager.

Benefits and Value Carefully Considered

When we plan for system improvements, we do so with our communities in mind. Careful consideration is taken to increase the benefits our members, partners and communities experience.

For the Updated Meter Installation Project, UEC is committed to a higher level of reliability and reduced outage restoration times experienced by members in the Boardman area.