Can you offer any advice for planting trees to avoid being in conflict with power lines?

  • Remember, before you plant a tree, look up for power lines and call the *Call Before You Dig* toll-free line (800) 332-2344 to locate any buried lines.
  • Be sure to select a good quality tree that is free from damage or disease. Fall is generally considered the best time to plant.
  • The hole should be no deeper than the height of the root ball, and the width of the hole should be at least twice as wide as the root ball.
  • Remove any string or twine or burlap that might interfere with the tree’s normal development. Also, remember to cut any encircling roots that might girdle the tree.
  • When backfilling the hole, use the soil removed from the hole without the addition of any amendments such as peat moss or potting soil. The soil should be tamped down firmly, but not to the point of compaction.
  • Apply two to four inches of mulch to the surface surrounding the tree to help retain moisture, but do not pile the mulch up against the trunk of the tree.
  • Water thoroughly and repeat when rainfall is absent for more than a week.