Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC)’s Energy Efficiency Program offers rebates to members that procure a qualifying energy-efficient upgrade. Before installing any upgrade, please call us at (541) 567-6414 or visit our office to verify your rebate.

UEC also offers up to a $600 rebate for members choosing to install a high-efficiency Heat Pump Water Heater (also known as a Hybrid Water Heater) in their home. Upgrade to the next generation of energy-efficient water heaters and start seeing a savings of 25–50% on your hot water costs. To qualify for a rebate, new Heat Pump Water Heaters must meet the following requirements:

How It Works

How does it work? Heat pump water heaters work like a refrigerator, but in reverse – while a refrigerator pushes heat from inside the unit out to the air around it, a heat pump water heater uses fans and an evaporator to pull warmth from the surrounding air and transfers it to water in the storage tank.

How do I know if it will work for me? Heat pump water heaters are ideal for homeowners looking to:

  • Replace an old, inefficient electric water heater
  • Lower household energy consumption
  • Take control of how efficiently their hot water heater operates

Learn more about the heat pump water heater and find out if you can save even more with state or federal tax credits by visiting the Hot Water Solutions website. View Frequently Asked Questions on their website.