NEEM Home Rebate Program

Due to the increasing demand for energy-efficient housing, the state energy offices and the manufactured home industry created the Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured Housing Program (NEEM). The NEEM program is a voluntary program funded by the manufactured housing industry and overseen by the State Energy Offices of Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Montana. The NEEM and Energy Star® labels mean that manufactured homes that are constructed in their respective states have been inspected and certified by the state energy offices.

Specifications for these homes include the following:

  • Higher levels of insulation in the ceiling, walls, and floors
  • More efficient windows and doors
  • A specially designed – and quiet – ventilation system
  • Higher specifications for heating system ducts
  • Reduced drafts or air leakage

Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC) offers a $1,000 cash incentive to home buyers who purchase a NEEM certified manufactured home.


Eligibility: This UEC rebate program is available to UEC Members who purchase a new NEEM certified Energy Star manufactured home with an electric heating system. The home must be sited within Umatilla Electric Cooperative service territory.


  • Purchase a certified NEEM Energy Star Manufactured home.
  • Submit the completed UEC NEEM Rebate Application Form (PDF) along with the Energy Star Certificate of Compliance and purchase/sales receipt. The Energy Star Certificate of Compliance is typically enclosed with the paperwork received at the time of purchase. If you do not have a compliance certificate, please contact your dealer to request a copy.
  • Once the certification for the home has been verified, a rebate check will be issued to the UEC member/owner listed on the UEC application form.

Additional UEC Rebates Opportunities

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump – must be installed by participating UEC Heat Pump program installer (Pre-approval required).
  • Energy Star Clothes Washer/Dryer – electric water heater required. Must meet program requirements to qualify.
  • Water heater rebates are included in the NEEM Manufactured Home rebate.

For questions call UEC’s Energy Efficiency Team at (541) 567-6414 or email.