Heat Pump Program

Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC)’s Energy Efficiency Program offers a cash rebate to members that procure a qualifying energy-efficient heat pump. Convert your forced-air electric furnace, electric baseboard, and electric space heaters, or upgrade your old heat pump to a new and more efficient heat pump. The qualifying unit must be installed by an installer who is listed on our Participating Installer list. To obtain a rebate for your new efficient heat pump, follow the process outlined below:

  1. UEC can complete an optional Free Home Energy Assessment.
  2. Request and compare multiple bids from participating installers (see list below). Share bids with UEC to verify your proposed installation will meet rebate requirements.
  3. Installation.
  4. Installer and member submit complete rebate application and supporting documentation to UEC
  5. Receive your rebate.

Qualifying Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps: Air source heat pumps extract heat from the air and pump it either inside or outside to heat or cool your home. They require centralized ductwork to spread the conditioned air throughout the house. The new heat pump must have a minimum of 9.0 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) or better and SEER Performance Factor of 14.0 or better.

2022 PTCS Heat Pump Rebate Application

UEC will pay for a new air source heat pump per the following schedule:

  • Add air source heat pump to an electric resistance forced-air furnace: $1,400
  • Replace existing air source heat pump or add to another fuel source: $500

Ductless or Mini-Split Heat Pumps: Ductless heat pumps also extract heat from the air and pump it either inside or outside to heat or cool your home. However, unlike air source heat pumps, they do not require ductwork to be installed. Their compact nature allows greater flexibility for installation. To qualify for a rebate, a new ductless heat pump installation must be listed on BPA’s DHP Qualified Products List (QPL), Inverter driven or variable speed, Dedicated electrical circuit, Single Head: HSPF of 11.0 or greater, Multi-Head: HSPF of 9.0 or greater and be installed in a home primarily heated with electricity.

2022 Ductless Heat Pump Participation Form

UEC will pay for a new ductless heat pump per the following schedule:

  • UEC will pay $800 for a new ductless heat pump

Installer Best Practices Guide (PDF)


Umatilla Electric will pay incentives toward the purchase of a qualifying heat pump system, depending on the energy efficiency of the unit that you purchase. Existing site-built or manufactured homes are eligible for a UEC heat pump rebate; tenants, as well as homeowners, qualify with the homeowners’ permission. UEC reserves the right to inspect any project installation for compliance to program specifications. UEC is not liable for issues arising from this project installation. Rebates expire December 31, 2023, and are subject to fund availability. Contact UEC for details.

Participating Installers

Apollo Sheet Metal, Inc.
1207 W. Columbia Drive
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone: (509) 586-1104

Bruce Heating & Air
80385 Highway 395 North
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: (541) 567-6813

Columbia Basin Heating and Cooling LLC
Zach Wilson

DAYCO Heating & Cooling
11 N. Auburn
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone: (509) 586-9464

Eastern Oregon Heating & Air
82000 N. Hwy 395
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: (541) 567-3095

Eclipse Heating & Cooling
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: (541) 564-1031

Gordon’s Heating & Cooling Inc. – Hermiston
80891 Highway 395 North
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: (541) 567-0114

Gordon’s Heating & Cooling Inc. – Pendleton
214 SE Emigrant Ave.
Pendleton, OR 97801
Phone: (541) 276-3154

Total Quality Air– Pasco, WA
619 N. 3rd Ave.
Pasco, WA 99301
Phone: (509) 205-1592

*UEC does not require more than one bid. However, multiple bids are encouraged.