Net Metering and Renewable Energy

Thanks to Oregon’s net metering policies, you’ll receive credit on your electric bill for the extra electricity your solar panels generate. When you make more power than you use, you can “bank” it with Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC) and draw from it later when you need extra electricity to cover your usage.

UEC’s Renewable Energy Program allows you to produce clean, renewable power at your home and interconnect your solar or other renewable power generators to our grid.

These generators can be solar, wind, biomass, or a half-dozen other types of renewables. They must be less than 25 kilowatts (25,000 watts) of generating capacity.

Each month, the power you receive from UEC is offset by the power you send back to our grid. You are only charged for the difference, or the “net.” When you put more energy onto the grid than you use in a month, the excess is credited to the following month’s bill.

UEC’s net metering program will pay $500 per rated kilowatt of the system up to a $2,500 cap. The system must be installed, operated, and maintained in compliance with all applicable engineering and safety standards, as well as UEC’s program guidelines (Net Metering Rules). UEC’s interconnection and net metering application and agreement are required.

What are the steps to take?

  • Email for a copy of UEC’s Interconnection / Net Metering Application. The application must be completed, signed, and returned to UEC along with all supporting documentation for review. Please contact Members Services at (541) 567-6414, if you have questions or need a copy of our Net Metering Rules.
  • UEC review and approval of the application are required prior to being authorized to proceed with the installation. Upon approval, the customer-generator will receive an Interconnection & Net Metering Agreement for their review and consideration.
  • Customer is responsible for the design and installation of the generation system, including engineering, design, permits, installation, and wiring. You also are responsible for the costs of meeting UEC’s interconnection requirements as outlined in the Net Metering Rules and agreement.
  • All equipment on your side of the delivery point shall be maintained in satisfactory operating condition and shall remain your property and responsibility. You are responsible for having your generation facility inspected and approved by the authorized electrical inspector confirming it meets all applicable Oregon codes.
  • Small-scale generation and/or net metering facilities must not adversely affect the safety of UEC’s personnel or the reliability and power quality of the utility system. Net metering facilities must automatically disconnect from the utility system when power to the utility system is lost. UEC requires a readily accessible, lockable manual disconnect switch at the point of delivery. Approval for operation in parallel with UEC’s system must be obtained prior to the operation of any net metering system.
  • Once your generation equipment is installed and you have a signed copy of the final county electrical inspection notice, call UEC so we can complete our facility review and process your incentive check.