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District 2 Board Of Director Candidates

Pursuant to Article II of the bylaws, the UEC service area is divided into seven districts.  The members of each district elect a director to represent them for a three-year term.  Ballots will be mailed to those district members who are qualified to vote.  The results will be announced at the UEC Annual Meeting, on April 17, 2010.

District 2 – Irrigon District – South of the Columbia River, East of Bombing Range Road to the Morrow County line.  District 2 is currently represented by Jeff Wenholtz.

Jeff Wenholz –  A resident of Irrigon Community for over 35 years. Wenholz graduated from Riverside High School and went to Portland State University where he majored in accounting while in the University Honors Program.  He serves on several local Boards and Commissions including; Morrow County Planning Commission (Vice-Chairman), Oregon Citizens Advisory Commission for the Umatilla Chemical Depot (Chairman), Morrow County Solid Waste Advisory Commission (Chairman) and the Irrigon Multi-Cultural Arts Center (President).

Wenholz has served as the District 2 Director for Umatilla Electric for the past six years and says, “It has been a pleasure and honor to serve as your Director for Umatilla Electric and with your help I hope to be able to represent District 2 for another three years.” Wenholz has earned the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s  (NRECA) Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate and Board Leadership Certificate.  He was also selected to be on a Panel at a National Conference for the NRECA.

When asked about what he sees as issues or challenges facing Umatilla Electric Wenholz had this to say, “Challenges/issues facing Umatilla Electric are new sources of electric generation to meet our requirements as we enter into our new contracts with the Bonneville Power Administration.  Planning how we will meet the State’s renewable portfolio standards in the future.  The possibility of a Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade program which would have a large impact on Umatilla Electric. 

These are just some of the issues that the Board and Umatilla Electric are and will be dealing with in the future.  All while keeping our commitment to the members to supply electricity safely and reliably at the lowest rates possible while maintaining rate stability.  So that I may continue to work on behalf of the members of District 2, I would ask for your vote for the Board of Directors for District 2.”

Barbara Phillips – A resident of Irrigon since 1997, Phillips obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree at Eastern Washington University in 1990.  In 1997, her husband started Desert Sandz Development, where Phillips oversees office management, bookkeeping, payroll, materials acquisition, job estimating and public relations.  Since 2007, Phillips has been the Treasurer of AC Houghton Elementary Parent Organization, and in 2009 she was appointed as a board member for the Irrigon Parks and Recreation Board.

Phillips feels, as an Irrigon resident and local business owner since 1997, she has seen the growth and challenges that her community has experienced.  She is interested in serving on the UEC Board to assist in the Cooperative’s continuing goal to serve its consumers effectively and efficiently. 

“With the economic challenges our communities are facing I feel it is important to strive to continue to keep the costs of services to our patrons low,” said Phillips.  “These economic times will effect the Cooperative also and I am interested in serving the Board and it’s patrons during the upcoming years.” 

Phillips added, “I feel a position on the Board will be a beneficial and rewarding experience and look forward to serving the community in which I reside.”