Conference Room Reservations

For Meetings Only, Umatilla Electric Cooperative has three meeting rooms available for lease, two in Hermiston and one in Boardman. The rooms in Hermiston can be rented together to double the occupancy. The maximum capacity is 60 persons without tables per meeting room. With tables the maximum capacity is 30. UEC reserves the right to revoke room reservations if necessary for the Cooperative to use one or both rooms.

Use of a meeting room requires completion of the application for use (normally a one day notice) and approval by the General Manager or Member Services Manager.

To cover the Cooperative’s expense for the use of a meeting room, a fee will be payable at the time the reservation is made. Contact UEC at 541 567-6414 to inquire about the fee schedule.

Meetings must be concluded by 5 p.m.

There are restroom facilities and limited kitchen facilities available.

UEC buildings are smoke and alcohol free facilities. UEC will set up the meeting room in the manner requested. The divider wall between the two meeting rooms is not to be moved by anyone other than a designated UEC employee. Any damage to the divider wall will be borne by the meeting room user.  When the meeting is over, please leave the tables and chairs – UEC will put them away.  Assistance in keeping the meeting rooms clean is appreciated.  Please place garbage or unused materials in receptacles.

An agreement for use of UEC meeting room(s) will be signed by a UEC authorized agent before the room is scheduled. At the Cooperative’s discretion, a cleaning fee of $25 may be charged.


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