Construction Completed at New Substation

December 07, 2017

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at on Dec. 6 at the new substation on the southeast corner of Northeast 10th St. and East Elm Ave. Ambassadors and Hermiston City officials attended along with UEC staff to honor the work done to complete the large project.

The substation will serve both UEC members and Hermiston Energy Services (HES) customers. The substation is designed for two transformers. The first transformer was installed during initial construction. The second will be installed in the future to accommodate increased demand. UEC will use three and HES three of the substation’s six feeders, which are electrical circuits that serve customers at distribution voltage.

As Hermiston and surrounding areas have experienced ongoing population and electrical growth, the area’s three electrical substations (Hermiston Butte Substation, Feedville Substation and Columbia Substation) need added capacity to continue providing adequate service to both existing and future loads. Adding the Hermiston East substation to the system will help reduce the number of customers affected by an outage and allow for quicker restoration times.

• Estimated Project Cost: $4,750,000
• Primary Construction Contractor: Potelco Inc. of Sumner, Wash.
• Construction Schedule: Began Feb. 27, 2017; Completion December 2017