Rebates and Programs for Your Business

UEC’s Goal: To provide members with information regarding efficiency upgrades that maximizes comfort while lowering energy costs. Offer financial incentives to assist members with improvements in their businesses that can be verified to improve efficiency and save energy.

Commercial Program
The Commercial Sector is generally defined as non-manufacturing business establishments, including hotels, motels, restaurants, wholesale businesses, retail stores, and health, social and educational institutions.

Irrigation / Agriculture Program
Umatilla Electric offers Energy Efficiency and Conservation programs to assist our members in achieving cost-effective energy savings. UEC’s program offers incentives for verifiable energy savings to customers looking to make efficiency improvements or irrigation system upgrades. There are a wide variety of program options for irrigation customers of all sizes. By participating, you can save money, energy, and increase the bottom line.

Industrial Program
Umatilla Electric offers the Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program to assist its industrial customers in achieving cost-effective energy savings. The ESI program is a primary mechanism for UEC customers to achieve industrial energy savings targets. In addition to UEC program offerings, the ESI program encompasses all industrial sector programs offered by BPA.