Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve lost my bill. How do I find out how much I owe, my due date or my UEC account number?

You can access your account right here on UEC’s website. Just click on Bill Payment on the home page. You can also call the UEC office to get your current billing information or any other information connected with your member account. We’ll be happy to assist over the phone or in person.

When will electric rates change and by how much? How are rates set?

Electric rates are based on the cost to purchase power on the wholesale market and cost of system operation. Umatilla Electric purchases most of its power from The Bonneville Power Administration, a federal marketing agency in charge of hydropower generation in the Pacific Northwest. Hydropower is the least expensive source of power generation, but prices can change depending upon many factors, including supply and demand.

There is no set time for rate adjustments. Increases or decreases in electric rates are determined by the UEC board of directors, after analysis of future power-need projections, system operation costs and prices. Rates are based on cents-per-kilowatt hour of usage. The average residential usage is about 1,400 kWh per month.

If I move to a property with existing UEC service, how do I place service in my name and set up an account?

You can sign-up for existing service under a new account simply by stopping at a UEC office and applying for membership. You will be asked to fill out a membership application, pay a $5 membership fee and a $250 deposit to begin service in your name. If you wish to waive the deposit, you must have a co-signer with a satisfactory letter of credit history to qualify for the waiver. Deposit requirements for non-residential members are based on the amount  of energy needed.

My power is out. Who do I call?

You can call 888-465-5701 any time day or night to report an outage. Emergency calls will be forwarded to a UEC outage duty representative, who will ask questions about your location and situation. That person then dispatches a line crew to fix the problem. It is helpful to keep the “grid plate” numbers handy and provide that information. Each pole has a grid plate with numbers and letters describing its exact location. The grid plate numbers help line crews to quickly find the precise location of the problem. Meter numbers, street address or account information are also helpful.

I am interested in weatherizing my home or installing a heat pump. How do I get started?

Get started by contacting the UEC Customer Services Program Coordinator at 541-567-6414 or by email at We will ask questions about your home and what you want to do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. A free energy audit from UEC is the first step in the process. The audit determines how much heat or cooling air is lost from the structure and offers recommendations on how to improve your home’s efficiency.

Among the solutions are weatherizing your home to seal it from energy loss or by installing a year-around heat pump. UEC offers rebates and 5-percent low-cost financing for qualified heat pump and weatherization installations.